Tuesday 5 September 2023

A bundle of cuddles



Meet little Alfie, our newest family member!

We collected this bundle of cuddles a few days ago and brought him home to fill the kitty-cat sized hole that our old girl Puddle left behind. I wasn't sure I wanted to adopt another kitten after so many years with Puddle, but I missed my little black shadow and so did Stan, our black and white cat... so after three weeks, I found myself scouring local kitten advertisements and late one night, spied a brand new kitten ad...

A day later, my daughter and I drove a few miles to view this tiny ginger scrap, who was very content to rest in my daughter's arm's and have his tummy stroked while we had a chat with the owner, a lovely lady, who told us that her cat had been engaged in an illicit affair with the neighbour's tomcat (!) producing a litter of five kittens and the rest, as they say is history...

Little Alfie is almost eleven weeks old and has settled into our furry family beautifully. He is a very sweet natured kitten, gentle, playful and affectionate... just perfect. After slow, careful introductions with the dogs, Alfie has been fully accepted as one of the furry family and I have a suspicion Cooper and Alfie are already becoming good friends, so it will be lovely to watch them grow up together.

Polly and Betty are old hands at kitten introductions and are very gentle with Alfie; Betty, the most gentle dog I have ever known, is just mildly curious, while ten year old Polly is happy to let Alfie do his kitten 'thing' around her, while she snoozes. As for Stan, he will take a little longer to warm up to his new baby brother, as is the way with cats. He is currently playing things cool to retain 'top cat' status in the house ... perching on the back of 'his' sofa and quietly watching kitten proceedings unfold from a close distance. Secretly I can see he is itching to play with all the new toys, so I have no doubt at all, that within the next couple of days, our Stanley will be racing around with little Alfie, just like a kitten himself! 

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