Wednesday 16 August 2023

A plum perfect farewell to Puddlecat



I love the way children deal with loss. They are able to accept gentle honesty, don't need fairytales and usually process emotion in a practical, heartfelt way...

After Puddle-cat sadly left us on the 2nd of August, my Grandchildren asked if they could create a memory tree for all the cats who had been part of our household over the years. We chatted about each of their life stories, then said a fond farewell to Puddle, Rodney, Daisy, Leo, Socksie, Toffee, Poppy and Sally, with a decorated heart each, carefully tied with ribbon to the branches of our little plum tree... and with plenty of smiles. 

My ever practical five year old Granddaughter made me chuckle when she offered to make a heart for Stanley too... 'for when he needs one Nana'. Hopefully that won't be for many years to come, as thankfully he is currently prowling around quite contentedly!


Puddle came to live with us on the 28th August 2007, sixteen years ago. You can read more of her story here:

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