Saturday 2 November 2019

November days..

There is definitely something about Autumn that has me reaching for my knitting needles...

My latest teddy bear Violet, is modelling a pretty jacket I knitted earlier this week. I have a stash of vintage dolly knitting patterns which I collected over the years, so I adjusted the measurements of this sweet vintage knit to fit my teddy girl's slightly more curvaceous proportions. 

Happily, Violet was adopted from my website a couple of days ago and is now on her way to meet her new owner in the US.

It is such a gloomy day here in Kent. I can hear heavy rain hammering against my windows and the wind howling around the back of the house, so once I have braved the great outdoors with my dogs (not looking forward to that today!) I plan to light candles and cosy up in front of the tv with my knitting needles, as I have a new teddy bear to dress. I promise to share him with you just as soon as this miserable rain stops and I can take him into the garden to photograph on my little bench...

In the meantime, sending you soggy grey hugs, from a rain soaked UK!


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