Thursday 2 November 2017

They're spooky and they're scary!

As regular readers will know, I have enjoyed the magical mayhem of Halloween since I was a very young girl. My favourite childhood stories always featured spooky witches and sad ghosts ... and even now, almost half a century later, I still clearly remember a picture from my favourite school library book featuring witches flying in silhouette across the night sky.

Halloween fun with my family

To be completely honest, I'm less than keen on playing dress-up these days (feeling my age I think!) but did scrape myself into a long black witchypoo cape, a pair of rather fetching black and orange striped tights, batty t-shirt and a small pointy hat, to join my family for some Halloween fun at my niece's house-warming party last weekend. 

Everyone rose to the occasion by dressing in Halloween finery for the evening. The house was dressed spectacularly in cobwebs, cackling witches, bats, spiders and carved pumpkins, with all manner of spooks dangling in dark corners. It was heaps of fun to see everyone in costume, although at first glance, quite tricky to work out who was who in some cases!

The party went with a swing and the dance floor quickly filled with an eclectic group of witches, ghostly pirates, skeletons, a vicar, a nun and even a ghostly jester! The children had a wonderful time (except my sweet little Great Niece, who is just a year old and was understandably a wee bit overwhelmed by the Halloween madness in her house). The older kids danced, apple bobbed and chased around excitedly, relishing the spooky atmosphere. As for our very own mini werewolf Toby, well, he soon had the hang of Halloween, dancing happily with the spooks, eating chocolate apples and at the grand old age of three, simply accepting the fact that sometimes adults behave rather strangely!


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