Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Turnip Teddy

Horaay, I have a new teddy bear to share with you today!

15" Turnip

Introducing 'Turnip', a 15" Schulte mohair teddy bear with velvet paws and cosy hand knitted scarf (made by my own fair hands). After making several big teddy bears in a row, it was nice to work on a medium sized bear for a change as they are a little less work to stuff, so kinder on the hands! To give you an idea of stature, a 15" bear is the ideal size for sitting on a shelf, or the back of a comfy sofa ... and for snuggling with too!

If you would like more pics and to find out a little more about my sweet Turnip teddy, please pop over to visit my website ... ... where this perfectly sized sweetie is now waiting with paws crossed, to be adopted. 


Update: Turnip has been adopted!

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