Monday, 20 March 2017

A Spring Kitten

Who can resist a Spring kitten needing a kind home eh? 
Not me apparently!

This cheeky little scrap will shortly be taking up residence with us. He will need a name (and just to complicate matters 'he' may well turn out to be 'she', which is unlikely, but not completely unheard of for a ginger cat) so I had better put on my thinking cap.


Since losing her pal Daisy a few weeks ago, my lovely Puddle has become a bit mopey (cats know ya know), so I am hoping a new kitten will help brighten her days as she has never been without kitty company. Moggies have been part of my family for more than thirty years and at one point, I had as many as five furry felines living together (and a dog!) ... all rehomed from uncertain futures. Now there is only Puddle at home, so I think it's time to move forward from Daisy's sad demise and squeeze in a brand new scrappy cat to keep her company.


Fingers crossed Puddle accepts her new playmate - cats can be contrary after all! She is a very gentle girl though, so I think catty curiosity is most likely to win her round.  I look forward to sharing further news and pics when little 'un joins us in a few weeks' time.

And of course, I am very excited about our new addition to the family ... kittens in springtime are so much fun!


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