Friday, 10 June 2016

Time to smell the roses..

I have been knocked sideways by a nasty tummy bug for a few days, so not much of anything to report this week I'm afraid, as it's been rather a wobbly one.  The weather has been beautiful though, so once the worst passed, I parked myself in the garden among my roses, to gather strength and take my mind off the churning within. Urgh.

I'm back on form today though and eager to tackle the jobs left undone while I was indisposed.  First up this afternoon will be a beautiful pink mohair bear I began work on last week.  She is definitely in need of a rose related name - must put my thinking cap on. I also have a magnificent commission bear to work on requiring some handmade buttons, which should be fun (buttons made by me by the way. I've never made clay buttons before, so more news of that project soon!) Oh and if you are interested, I have a couple of simply gorgeous pieces of kid mohair in line for traditional teddies. I know I am going to love creating all these bears, the fabrics for them are a complete joy.

I've probably mentioned this before, but roses are my favourite plants in the garden, I absolutely love them and they never fail to inspire my creativity ... they are such a tonic!


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