Sunday 6 December 2015

A mum always knows!

I knew he would be 'The One' the very first time I met him.  
Something about his open manner, easy smile, the way he looked at my daughter ... and how her eyes sparkled and softened when she was near him. 
They were two halves of a whole, even then.
A mum always knows!

So when Neil asked me for my daughter's hand in marriage on Friday, I couldn't have been more thrilled to formally grant my permission and more importantly, to give him my blessing.  A little later I received an excited call from Fay on holiday in a wild and wintry Cornwall, to tell me what I already knew would happen, she had accepted his proposal!

I am so happy Neil will be my official son-in-law.  Not only is he perfect for Fay, he has already become a very welcome member of our family and is a perfect fit for us too!

Congratulations you two!
I am bursting with happiness for you both and so proud of you!!!

With loads of love and pride,
Mum xxxxx


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