Monday, 19 October 2015

Happy First Birthday!

It was my Grandson's first birthday last week and goodness me, how that year has flown.  As you will understand, this little man is the apple of his Nana's eye ...  a little boy with a chuckle guaranteed to light the darkest of days!

I was absolutely delighted when my son brought Toby to visit me on his birthday. We went for a lovely long walk in the woods after he'd opened his presents, something we've always loved to do as a family and something Toby also loves.

So little man, a year on this earth and already you have made me the proudest Nana ever!  I have loved watching you unravel life's puzzles with your Daddy's quiet determination and your mummy's gentle spirit, as you explore the world with increasingly steady steps.  Getting to know you has been so much fun and the smile you give when you hear my voice, is the most precious gift of all!

Happy First Birthday to you Toby.
Stay safe, love life and always be kind.
With all my love always,
Your Nana xxx

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