Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Creating a commission for a collector can be a fun process, but it can also be a bit nerve racking as it isn't always easy to tune into the same creative wavelength as a customer.  I find taking time to share ideas before committing to a project, is probably the most important step of the entire commission process.

Once ideas have been exchanged and fabric choices finalised (usually via email) it's then time to begin work ...

For this particular commission, my customer asked me to share work-in-progress photographs as her bear progressed.  It was a useful way of making certain we were both happy with the work ... and it only took a second to share snaps straight from my Iphone as I worked.

In fact, feedback from my customer during the bear making process was invaluable to me and it was fun to see how much she enjoyed watching her bear come to life step by step!

My customer's main directive was that her bear had to be BIG, a clown and created from only the most beautiful, luxury mohair. In other words, right up my creative street and a real pleasure for me to design!

My collector was also kind enough not to rush me to complete her bear, understanding instinctively that the best bears are never churned out quickly, rather they are better created with time built in for their creator to mull during the creative process.

For this bear, I hoped to achieve a  harmony of gentle Summer colour, so was delighted to stumble across Sirdar's lovely 'Crofter' yarn in perfect complementary shades for the scarf I had been asked to knit.

I decided to wait until teddy was completed before searching for his buttons because I needed them to be an ideal shade and texture. After spending several hours online, I settled on lovely chunky ceramics handcrafted by a seller in America.  She shipped them promptly and when I opened the packet a few days later, I was thrilled to see the time spent button hunting had been worthwhile - those buttons were absolutely perfect for my collector's very special Summer clown teddy bear!


  1. He is such a beautiful bea, made from great colours. His new Mum must be thrilled.

  2. Thank you! I am happy to say, his new Mum was delighted with him :-)

  3. What a beautiful bear! Lovely mohair color and finish, and such a great face and countenance. So glad his new mom loves him--must have been a treat for her to watch your progress in creating him.


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