Friday, 27 March 2015

May dreams come true ..

We celebrated my daughter's first birthday in her new home last weekend and yes, of course Polly was invited to be part of this special family visit.

Although we miss Fay very much, it really is lovely to see her settled into her beautiful flat and after years of being a complete domestic disaster area, I must say, I am taking a great deal of satisfaction from seeing my hopelessly messy daughter, master the fine art of keeping a tidy home at last!  In fact, I am truly delighted to see her so proud of the comfortable home she and Neil are creating together.

As is traditional, there were cards, gifts, birthday cake, candles to be puffed and a special wish to be made ...

And as her mum, I think it's only fair that I too claim a birthday wish for my daughter ... one of dreams coming true with her lovely partner Neil and a long, happy life ahead together.

By the way, the baby in the picture is Fay's nephew, my gorgeous Grandson!

As for a gift, I knew exactly what I wanted ... what else could be more appropriate for my newly independent daughter than her very first sewing machine!

My first camelia bloom of the year was a birthday gift too. Dad gave me the plant for my own birthday many years ago and I carefully transplanted it into our new garden when we moved home just over eight years ago. Surprise, surprise, this year Dad's camelia bloomed its very first flower on his eldest Granddaughter's birthday!

Happiest of Birthdays to you Fay. 
You make me so proud each and every day.
All my love to you always,
Mum xxx

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  1. Happy Birthday Fay. What a lovely way to celebrate a birthday and a new home.


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