Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Meet the folks

We celebrated my grandson's arrival with a family party at the weekend ...

I haven't baked with my daughter since she was a little girl, so it was heaps of fun working together to create cute cupcakes for Toby's guests on Sunday morning.

Toby was a little star throughout the afternoon, snuggling contentedly with his guests and quickly winning their hearts!

Meeting Great Auntie Laura

Snuggles with cousin Leah

I am proud to say, my son has already proved himself to be a thoroughly modern and very 'hands on' Daddy, sharing feeding duties and nappy changes without qualm.

Dinner time with Daddy

And it is a true joy to watch Hannah, who I have known since she was a shy young girl of sixteen, blossom into her new role as a mum. Toby really couldn't have two more devoted parents!

Toby with his mummy

It was lovely to be able to introduce my Grandson to members of my family and also to catch up with them for a relaxed natter over a cuppa and a cupcake or two. 

My Great niece Ella having fun with her Granny, my sister Fo

Two of my cheeky nieces

Auntie Fo and our cheekiest niece Erin

Catching up


With everyone's lives as busy as they are these days, sharing family time becomes ever more important, so thank you little Toby, for doing a grand job of bringing your family together and thank you family for making time to welcome my very precious Grandson into your lives.

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