Monday, 28 April 2014

A quick nosey ..

My bear-making has been a bit 'stop/start' lately, but between training and exercising Polly, knitting for my new grandchild and a hundred and one other tasks that seem to claim my time, I have gradually been pulling together three lovely new big bears for the 'Teddy Bear Hollow' shop in Loughborough ... 

I know it's not much of a preview, but until I've photographed each of the bears properly for the shop, this nose is about the most I can share with you.  More pics very soon ... that's a promise!


  1. Paula that is a perfect nose. I could look at it all day.
    (Now that is sad). I do have other things to do. ha ha

  2. Paula the nose is wonderful , grandios

    regards from sylvia


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