Wednesday 8 January 2014

TOBY or not TOBY, that is the question!

As the 2014 TOBY Industry Choice Award deadline loomed large at the end of last year, I found myself questioning whether I really wanted to enter and was quite surprised to hear my inner bear crafting competitor asking for a rest ...

So, I have decided to give myself leave to step back from this prestigious competition in 2014, rather than putting myself through my competition paces yet again. I must say, after almost twenty years of competitive peaks and troughs, allowing myself to become a bystander is a very welcome sensation!

I dare say I will be tempted to take part in one or two other competitions during the coming year, but for now I'm stepping down and looking forward to simply enjoying this competition from a distance.  

Good luck to everyone who is taking part this year!

1 comment:

  1. I am with you this year, well in spirit anyway Paula. I was all set to not any competitions this year. I feel like I need a break from it all. Then shortly before the deadline approached I was contacted by a collector who reminded me that I told her that I would be entering her bear this year. So...I am in again. This year I will keep my mouth quiet.


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