Monday, 16 January 2012

A note to self ...

You may remember when I moved into my new workroom at the start of last year, I bought a memo board ...

Back then I was more interested in which fabric to use for covering the cork pin board and how to make it look as pretty as possible, but when my sister Tina drove up from Hampshire to visit this weekend, she nipped upstairs to take a look at my new workroom and commented on my memo board, making me realise my pristine board had evolved somewhat during the months it has been hanging!

It's so much more than a pretty wall hanger now ... now it tells stories! 

There's a lovely thank you picture from my young niece, a pair of felt paw pads cut for a teddy who decided otherwise, little scented polka dot sacks given to me by Stuart's mum, photographs of my favourite rose blooms from 2010 and also one of a beautiful Camelia bloom - the camelia was a gift from my Dad many years ago and came with me from my old house when I moved ... I worried it might not survive transplantation, but it thrived and was heavily laden with the most gorgeous blooms last Spring.  There are also practice pieces of knitting, held by sweet little butterfly pegs given to me by my daughter.  On a more businesslike note, I've pinned reminders to order new wool felt for bear paws and cute bow ties in assorted colours hang, waiting to adorn new teddy bears.  There's a precious photograph of me with my kids, taken many years ago on a very windy visit to Brighton pier and my burgundy rosette congratulating me on my first ever Golden Teddy Award nomination.  The pegs beneath hold several lengths of  gorgeous hand dyed silk cord made by a lady in America and sitting under the memo board is the teddy bear tin given to me by my sister Fiona after a holiday; it contained Cornish fudge years ago, but now holds emboidery thread for new teddy bear noses ... oh and beside the tin sits one of my favourite china pigs collected years ago.

So, as you see, my memo board turned into a story board - it wasn't planned, it simply evolved in its own sweet way, which coincidentally, is pretty much the story of my entire life!

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