Thursday, 3 February 2011

The Crooners ...

When I was commissioned to create 'classic Paula Carter' bears for 'Silly Bears' of Aberdeen, I wasn't sure quite where to start - after all, throughout my fifteen years of bear crafting, I have tackled many styles of teddy bears (with the exception of miniatures, very little bears and realistic 'on all fours' bears ... they still elude me!) so I am continually 'evolving'.  I scratched my head for a while, then arrived at the conclusion the clue was in the word 'classic'.  As I love classic bears and have designed many 'modern classics' during my time as a teddy bear artist, it has been no hardship to create three such beauties, especially for Julieann's lovely shop, in bonny Scotland!

'The Crooners' are now available from

I confess to indulging in the occasional ol' fashioned, honey-toned croon while I work and as these bears came to life, their names fell perfectly into place ... so I'd like to introduce you to Nat, Sinatra and Bing, my 'Crooners'!

14" Bing

20" Sinatra

23" Nat

Now it's time to start work on my 'Winter Bearfest' show bears ...  there are only 24 days until the big day out in London and I am way, way, way, behind in my bear-making schedule!

If you have a passion for teddy bears and would enjoy a fabulous, bear-filled day out, please join us at Kensington Town Hall on the 27th February.  You'll love it!

For full details, visit the Hugglets' website at:

UPDATE: The crooners have sold out!


  1. What beauties! I love that first photo!

    Hugs, Sarah x

  2. They are all gorgeous but Nat is superb xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. I just love the colours on Sinatra. Beautiful!


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