Thursday, 2 September 2010

One for the pot!

This poor little bear is still a 'work-in-progress', but I thought I'd share his before and after pics here with you before I give him a brush and maybe a rusty ol' bell, and send him on his way.  When I first started distressing bears to achieve a careworn look I was nervous about treating my bears quite so radically, but as you can see, I'm so over that now! 

Cute, but not nearly grungy enough for the scruffy, careworn look I want ...

Aha!  Did you notice my stockpot in the previous picture?  Time for this little bear to take a very quick dunk in my magic brew ... I know, wicked aren't I?! Lol!

To stain the parts my special brew can't reach, a thorough sponging!

Oh dear, one soggy little bear ...

A night spent in the airing cupboard to dry and here he is, a rather scruffy, grubby and  sorry looking fellow!  Perfect!

Before and after!

Careworn bears may not be to everyone's taste, but I think they have a special 'take me home please, I need to be loved' quality and they sure are fun to make!


  1. Wow thats some way of doing things, love it.

  2. You know, I always wondered if anyone dunked full bears into the dye, instead of just dying the fabric before hand... thank you so much for sharing this and showing me they do!

  3. Oh is love that. How scary and fun just to dunk him like that.

  4. A gorgeous little bear whether he was dunked or not. I just love his face.

  5. Hee hee, to think I'd been too scared to dunk a whole bear, I may just try it now!

  6. That's so cool, Paula! I've never thought of that - now will have to give it a try. Your bears are always perfect, now these "old" guys are perfect-er!
    Donna Griffin

  7. Aw, such a sweet little guy! You have gotten brave, haven't you? :o) I am still so timid. I think he looks like he needs a hug and a home for sure!

  8. You dunk your bears!
    Wow. I think I'm speechless.
    I love your bears, they're wonderful!♥

  9. Gorgeous Bear! Love the dunking!!!

  10. awww how adorable, I loved him before his mucky bath but loved him even more after. I adore your careworn bears so much Paula, Fabulous x x x

  11. oh my goddness! absolute adorable! i love love love the tattered look so much!
    best wishes and big bear hugs!


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