Monday, 11 January 2010


I am very happy to tell you Edward Dear found a lovely new home immediately he was announced as hopeful!  So now he's sitting on my shelf waiting for the snow and ice to melt a little so we can make our way to the Post Office in the car.  Did I mention it had snowed again here in the UK?  My goodness and how it has snowed!  We're so unprepared for the white stuff, it causes havoc on our roads.  According to the news reports we haven't seen snow like this in the UK for almost half a century ...

By 4.30 in the afternoon last Wednesday the road where I live was like a scene from Narnia!

The falling snowflakes were beautiful ...

... and the snow covered trees looked fabulous against the night sky!

Since then, it seems the entire country has been swathed in a blanket of snow.

On Thursday afternoon I took a walk with Stuart to photograph our little corner of Allington ...

The snow covered fields were stunning ...

We could only just see the farmer's sheep against their snowy field!

We walked along the lane ...

Past fields and woodland ...

... and just enjoyed the fresh air and snowscape!

That was several days ago and pretty as it all still is, I'd love a thaw and some sunshine now please!


  1. What lovely photos of the snow in your area....seems like a lot of bloggers are experiencing the same type of unusually cold and snowy weather.

  2. How beautiful! Annoying...yes. But, boy, it does look pretty.

  3. Beautiful photos Paula!! The night time shots are so magical!!! Yes, you are really getting it bad over there aren't you! Here we are having heat waves and I wish it were cooler, but not that cool ;) It does look amazingly pretty though :) xx Sarah

  4. Sew that is where all of our snow has gone...we live on the peninsula in Canada and we have had but a dusting...I really miss our winter...lovely photos Paula...ohhh I have you on my bloglist, now I will be dropping in more often...ohhhh and how I love your bears..
    blessings madame samm

  5. Beautiful :) I myself just love being snowed in!



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