Thursday, 11 June 2009

Bellamy aka Ol' Blue Eyes


At last, I can show you the bear I was telling you about in my previous post! Please be upstanding for Bellamy ... (aka 'Ol Blue Eyes!)

23" 'Bellamy'

Those who follow my work, will know this really is my kind
of bear - big, classic and utterly classy! Bellamy was a special commission order and I am delighted with how he has turned out. Working with such beautiful mohair has been an absolute joy; sadly though, this mohair is not always as easy to find as it once was because it's the top end of mohair luxury - it's dense, curly, has fabulous colour and wonderful sheen and needless to say, a price tag to match! However, it is so utterly glorious it's definitely worth hunting down ... I think it would be almost impossible to create a bad bear from it!


  1. Bellamy is absolutely beautiful and I hope he will be happy in his new home.

  2. I'm in love. Bellamy is so handsome. Lucky owner. You did a wonderful job. Thanks for showing him off.

  3. Corrrr !
    He has one lucky new owner Paula !!

    Mini Hugs ,

  4. What a great work !!!!
    Hugs, Tanni

  5. I'm proud to announce that I am the lucky new dad to this wonderful teddy that Paula made for me. I'm so pleased that you all like him; it's the first teddy that has been made specially for me and he looks so gorgeous, I feel really honoured ...
    A big thank you to Paula !

  6. fabulous bear Paula, he is magnificent and is truly one of my favorites.

  7. Hi Paula, if I had to vote for my favourite All Bear it has to be Bellamy! What a gorgeous face and I love the mohair , lucky Peter !!!

  8. Well Peter, you are a lucky man! Bellamy is wonderful Paula, I don't know how you manage to make so many BIG bears. My old body protests if I make too many biggies, that's why I have to mix them up so much. I do enjoy the challenges minis throw up. Hugs

  9. very handsome chappie Paula ,glorious colour !

  10. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments! I'm really pleased you enjoyed seeing the handsome Bellamy - I was reluctant to let this fellow fly away, but I know he's going to a very welcoming new owner - he's en route as I type Peter ...!


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