Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Showing Off!

My goodness, is it really Wednesday already?! Yikes! Only two more working days left until my webshow ... gulp!

I think I'm almost ready, that's to say my bears are. I'm just working on the last little chap who should be ready for his photo shoot tomorrow. My new stone bench arrived in the nick of time - the rotten old wooden one collapsed in an undignified heap under my cat (!) so thank heavens the bears will be able to pose on their smart new garden seat for those all important show pics before the week is out - needless to say, my fingers and toes are crossed for fair weather!
I'm still fumbling my way through building the show web pages - I reckon they've taken me almost as long to put together as the bears! I wish I knew more about web building so I could show off and be really creative ... ah well, I've done my best and am pleased to say the pages will look fresh and springlike - now I just have to work out how to join them up so they actually allow visitors to move between pages. I have even managed to put together a 'Best of Show' poll for visitors to vote on during the show ... fun, fun, fun!


  1. how exciting Paula, aren't your bears lucky to have a new bench :) Looking forward to seeing your bears.
    Catherine x

  2. Sounds like a lot of work, Paula!
    I am sure your show pages will be beautiful.

    I look forward to browse them (if i manage not to forget the show day and time!!!!!


  3. Hi Paula, just popped by to pass on a blog award to you, details can be found on my blog. Hugs Elanor xxx


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