Monday, 29 September 2008

No sooner said, than almost done!

Do you recall me mentioning an update for the front page of my website a few days ago? Well, luckily for me, my sister Tina happened to be reading my blog! She 'phoned me this morning to invite me for a visit to take some lovely outdoor autumnal shots of the bears playing in the Autumn leaves, as soon as they've fallen from the trees (the leaves that is, not the bears!) Also, with Bonfire Night on the horizon, Tina suggested we take our cameras out one night to photograph fireworks in the dark ... what a whizz bang fun shoot that will be! I'm really looking forward to learning how to make my camera work properly at night and finding out how I can use the pics creatively.

Today has been a 'box 'n post' day. Three bears have now been packaged for their journeys hither and thither, before being lugged rather unceremoniously, to the Post Office. Boxing up the bears and completing their paperwork always takes a good while longer than I expect it to, so I doubt I will make it as far as my sewing room this afternoon. Never mind, I have a variety of uninspiring admin jobs to get to grips with, so I shall make a cuppa and tackle those for an hour or two instead. Then I'm going to make a quiche for tea! While I was out posting, I popped into the supermarket to buy some ready made pastry (I know, shame on me!) streaky bacon, cream, cheese, an onion and eggs ... not exactly high on the healthy tea list, but I'll overlook that minor detail because I know it will taste good!

Advertisement for Australian Bear Creations Nov/Dec issue
I've decided I can squeeze in one more website bear this week before starting work in earnest on the 'Oh Bearz' show bears; the only problem is there are several bears dancing in my head right now and I'm not sure which one to work on first. I'll have to give that some more thought this afternoon ... hmmn, I wonder, will the beautiful blonde curl with the soft brown tipping become an autumnal laughing bear? Will the gorgeous honey coloured silk mohair evolve my Chiltern tribute bear pattern into a new style 'All Bear'? Or, will I submit to an overwhelming compulsion to indulge myself with some of the fabulous new Schulte mohair spotted on my supplier's website yesterday? So many choices, so little time!

I mustn't end this post without a picture, so I'm going to share a peek at the ad I've just created for the 'Australian Bear Creations' magazine - I do hope you like it! I have opted for simple, uncluttered text with the intention of drawing the reader's eye first and foremost, to my bear - Cornelius makes a handsome advertising bear don't you think?! This ad will be featured in the November/December issue of 'Bear Creations' magazine and I will be putting together new copy for the following three issues. Let's hope the All Bears can make their mark Downunder!

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