Monday, 11 August 2008

Don't forget your pinny Paula!

I think I mentioned in my last post that I've been working on a few orders recently, well now I can show you 'Sunshine,' a pretty 20" bear who will be flying to America this week. I still have a few more orders to work on, but hopefully it won't be long before I can return to my show bears - the time is ticking on after all!

'Sunshine' 20"

 Oh do get on with it Mum!

While Stuart and I dashed around, my son and his girlfriend prepared for an old school friend's wedding on Saturday (just how to make this mum feel really old eh?!) Still, it was lovely to see them all togged up, especially as my Anthony usually slops around in tired old jeans and a tee-shirt. I took my chance while he was suited and booted (well, surely any mother would?!) and quickly snapped these pics for posterity before they could make good their escape for weekend.

My homemade blueberry muffins ... mmmn!

Banana and walnut loaf, just like Mum used to make!

Well, as you've probably already guessed, that's my contribution to the decorating about done (!) so while Stuart balanced on a chair to fiddle with light fittings and manfully stripped tired old dado from the walls yesterday afternoon, I had a lovely time in the kitchen with only my mixing bowl and wooden spoon for company - who said the 1950's were a thing of the past? Not in my kitchen! We bought a little chest freezer on Saturday with the intention of extending the storage capacity of our fridge freezer (I am so fed-up with having to fight enough food for four adults into four silly little drawers) With food prices shooting through the roof, fast heading spacewards, it seems a sound idea to go back to basics, using our chest freezer to store home made grub; healthier for us too. (Yes sisters dear, I can hear your 'don't forget your pinny 1950's housewife,' jibes from here!) The only problem I foresee, is whether my baking will survive the kids' eagle eyes and eager bellies for long enough to actually take up residence in my new freezer!
As for my weekend, it raced by in a flurry of activity. We're planning to redecorate the hall, stairs and landing next weekend, so this weekend involved the inevitable round of visits to various DIY shops. Thank heavens for those cute little sample pots of paint! I really didn't have a clue what colour the walls should be and wanted to warm the area up a bit, so after splatting many shades over the walls, finally settled for 'soft sun' to match a smart new biscuity gold coloured carpet which hopefully, should blend perfectly. Our only problem now is how on earth we bring a 3.6 metre handrail home from the shop - it certainly won't fit in the car!


  1. Cakes look lovely Paula and you're not the only one to have a baking Sunday! Chocolate Chip cookies and a chocolate sponge cake are now being munched much to the dismay of my waistline!!!

  2. Oh yum! Sounds like you and the girls are having a lovely time Nell. We'll have to get together soon and have a slice of homemade cake with our coffee ... before the kids much it all!

  3. Paula I can see why you took a snap of Anthony while he was all dressed up. He is very handsome!

    I just love Sunshine! WOW!!!!

  4. Chuckling here Laura Lynn .. naturally as his mum I have to agree with you and (he'll kill me for telling you this ..!) so did the gentleman on the train last week who, after staring intensely for quite some time, then expressed his admiration to Anthony and asked if he was 'barking up the wrong tree'!!!!! I haven't laughed so much in ages - and as for his sister, she will no doubt dine out on that story for many months to come!

  5. Your son is very handsome, Paula. I would have taken the opportunity to grab a quick photo too. Your blueberry muffins are making me hungry this morning. The farmer's market down the road from my house has some fresh ones right now...I made need to take a drive. :O)


  6. Enjoy your muffin hunt Shantell and if they are all sold out when you get there, you might enjoy whipping up a few of your own!


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