Monday, 12 May 2008

Don't Dilly Dally on the way

Blue skies, not a cloud as far as the eye could see, I could almost have been in the Med! No such luck though and no, I'm not complaining because instead of posing around the Cap D'Azur, or somewhere equally as glamorous, I chose (as if there were truly such a choice!) to spend the weekend in my garden, pottering.

I'm still not sure what this shrub is, maybe part of the honeysuckle family? I really don't know. The blooms are spectacular, very large, unlike any honeysuckles I've met before. If someone recognises it, I'd love to know the name!

Pottering is one of our traditional English foibles and I can highly recommend it! There's nothing quite as therapeutic as grubbing around in the mud, is there?! I just love potting up those cute little summer perennials, knowing that with a wee bit of tlc, they will soon reward me with with a garden full of happy colours!

I'm so pleased I found this lilac bush tucked behind some shrubs in a pot, abandoned by the previous owners! It's much smaller than the lilac tree I had to leave behind when I moved house last year, but it smells just as sweet, especially in the evening ...

It's beautiful here again today, summer has definitely come early to this south eastern corner of the UK. I'm looking forward to popping out before dinner tonight, while the garden is still warm from the afternoon sunshine, to give my little summer plants a good drink but until then, I must behave and crack on with some bear work! I have bears to post and bears to sew, so there's no time for this bearmaker to be dilly dallying in the sunshine today!


  1. what a beautiful photo! It looks like some type of lily to me...but in a shrub you say? hmmmm.... must look around and see if I can find anything like it....

  2. Glad you are enjoying the summer weather and gardening. I have been busy in my gardens too. I will have to alternate days . . . muddy hands and selling linens don't go very well together LOL.

    Karen at Ciderantiques

  3. Hi Paula!

    You have an absolutely terrific yellow Rhododendron!! There are many varieties of it, of many different colours! The most common is pink/purple/lilac, the yellow one is fairly uncommon!

    Lucky you!I have pink, red, lilac and purple ones in my garden, but your own one is really gorgeous!!!!

    Have fun sewing bears and relaxing in the garden,


  4. Looks like an azalea to me..
    Smiley Riley!

  5. Thank you all for your suggestions for my mystery shrub ... I think I understand now, I have a beautiful Rhodozalea! Perfect! :o)

  6. Hi again Paula!
    It would be funny having a Rhodozalea!! I'd buy one, too! :)

    Anji is right- it seems an Azalea- they are both in the same genus Rhododendron- the shrubs known as 'azaleas' have much smaller flowers and their foliage is quite different from the one of the shrubs known as 'rhododendrons'...
    You can both have a look here:

    Rhododendron is a large genus- Azaleas are a sub- genus of Rhod. (they're all Ericaceae)- I studied Botany at the University :).

    Have a nice evening, and enjoy your yellow... rhodozalea!!!

  7. Well, there's a thing! Thanks to both Monica and Anji I have learned something I didn't know before, Azaleas and Rhododendrons, both of which I love, are family! Thank you ladies! And Vee, you've reminded me, I need lilies in my new garden - I must get to a garden centre soon!


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