Wednesday, 11 July 2007


Oh boy, oh boy! The URSA Awards are now open for voting! It's one of those nerve wracking times when I wonder whether I'm as daft as a brush for entering and whether or not egg will be plastered all over my face by the end of the voting period. Exciting, daunting ... competitions are such a belly churning time for this bear designer!

'Crocus' is my entry and whilst I love her dearly, I wonder whether or not I should have created a more contemporary piece for this competition? It's so hard to judge! I decided to work with a very classic design, using a harlequin colourway, in the hope it would show that bears rooted in traditional skills still have their place in today's bear art. Well, we'll see! The voting is done entirely by the public, which is a great way of giving the bear industry the opportunity to really listen to collectors' preferences.

There are so many great entries in this competition, it's going to be great fun going through them all to place my vote! I hope you will join me and place your vote too ... this is the link you'll need to enter the URSA AWARDS and support our wonderful world of teddy bear art!

First, I must post a link to 'Crocus' in Category 3 ... just in case you'd like to vote for her!

And this link will take you to the opening page of the URSA's ... have fun!


  1. Paula, Crocus is just gorgeous, lots of luck with the awards, she deserves to do so well.

  2. Thanks Catherine, That's very kind of you! Fingers and toes are crossed here!


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