Friday, 23 November 2018


We had a dusting of snow a couple of nights ago but it didn't stay long. There's no doubt Winter is around the corner - my dog walks are definitely getting colder and muddier as the days pass! I suppose it's time to start thinking about big coats, boots, scarves and of course, the festive juggernaut that is inevitably heading our way ... 

18" Snowy

I can't say I'm feeling very festive yet, but December is still a week away, so I daresay it'll creep up on me. I couldn't resist making a wintery polar cub with a cheery red nose this week, so perhaps my festive cheer is bubbling under after all!

'Snowy' is now available to adopt, so if you have a corner of your sofa, or a comfy armchair needing a teddy, please pop over to my website for full details. 

Thank you!

Update: Snowy has been adopted!

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