Monday, 13 March 2017

Signs of Spring

I've just returned from a walk with my girls ... the sun is absolutely glorious today! Daffodils are bobbing cheerily on grass verges and yes, Spring is most definitely in the air. The sun didn't quite manage to shine on our Sunday afternoon walk from Teston to Nettlestead yesterday, but the weather was noticeably milder than of late and we thoroughly enjoyed our long hike, spotting the first signs of Spring along the riverbank. Polly and Betty enjoyed their walk too, taking every opportunity to gambol around like Spring lambs.

I love Spring, it's always such a delight to watch the countryside wakening from Winter's grey slumber.  It is also a season which never fails to inspire creativity!

Drawing in progress

As I have mentioned before, I am teaching myself to draw and funnily enough, the gentle Spring palette in the picture above, wasn't actually a conscious decision ... I think the change in season crept up on my creative self!

Primrose teddy bear commission

And of course, Spring is a wonderful time for creating new teddy bears.  I am currently working on a special commission for a collector who wants to celebrate the new season with a primrose yellow teddy. This afternoon I intend to sit in the sunshine in my conservatory for the very first time this year, to knit her a cardigan.

Spring has sprung along the River Medway

Incidentally, I am holding a mini Spring sale on my website this week ... Lisette and Treacle are hoping to find new owners, so who knows, perhaps a Spring discount might help them!


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  1. Какие чудесные работы!!!
    Собака просто прелесть)!


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