Saturday, 14 February 2015

The Gift

I called my finished panda bear 'Li Wu', which I am told means 'The Gift' ... so appropriate for a teddy!

Li Wu quickly found a lovely new home with one of my regular collectors, so I know he will be well cared for and made a welcome member of their 'All Bear' hug.

Loyal collectors are very special to me; it always gives me pleasure to place a new bear with someone I know has enjoyed my bears over time and who continues to support my work by returning time and time again, to adopt my new bears. 

So, a moment to give my heartfelt thanks to those of you who invite my bears into your homes around the world ... you make my creative world turn and for that I am and always will be, very, very, grateful xxx


  1. Yes, "Li wu" means gift or present in Chinese! 礼物 :)

  2. Paula I love his brown colour. What a beautiful bear. I am so pleased he has gone into a hug of Bearing ---all Bears.
    Hugs Kay


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