Friday, 25 October 2013

Gee Wiz!

With Halloween fun and games at the front of my mind this week, I couldn't resist squeezing a little Halloween Tiddler bear into my schedule.

8.5" 'Wiz'
So this is 'Wiz', a handful of cheeky mischief at just 8.5"!

If you would like to adopt 'Wiz' please visit my website for full details:

My sister is hosting a Halloween party again this year, so my next task will be to titivate a witch hat with silver and blue stars for my 'blue witch' costume, make a special flashing collar for Polly to wear and attach her 'Halloween Fairy' wings to a dog harness - I'm not holding out too much hope the fairy wings will survive bouncing around with her German Shepherd pal Bugsy on the night though!

Update: Wiz has been adopted

1 comment:

  1. Ohh! You should have entered our annual Halloween costume contest!

    Jerry and Ben


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