Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Smell the roses?

This little lady has us smitten and I wonder now, how we ever managed without her ... she is such a bundle of fun, a real smile maker!

With Duckie

As I sit on my swivel chair, she looks at me quizzically as if to say 'come on Mum, the sun's out, let's play in the garden' ... and to be fair, she makes a good point!

It goes without saying my bear making schedule has taken a bit of a battering since she arrived last Thursday, but once in a while, it doesn't hurt to put life back into perspective ... all work and no play is no good for anyone, especially bear makers!

So please accept my apology if I seem a little distracted from my sewing, we'll  soon find our routine and get back on track, but in the meantime, my beautiful puppy needs sunshine and some fun ... and so does her new mum!

Many years ago a well known American bear artist told me to 'make time to smell the roses' and she was absolutely right ... but today, rather than smelling the roses, I'm about to rush outside to stop my new friend from eating them!


  1. Oh how I remember my daughters dog. A little bundle of fluff, Golden Retrever. Now she has grown into a faithful, loving, well mannered dog.
    Who still loves her tummy rubed and a romp.
    You will have a very faithful friend.

  2. Hello Paula.
    She is so adorable.
    Tom is to old now,but when he was a young one,he good look to me with the same look in his eye,s. And than I left my cross stitch work alone and went out with him.
    Hugs from Rens


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