Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Buddies in The Bear Shop!

When a shop asks me to create three lovely big bears to showcase, I am always delighted to oblige!  Robert at 'The Bear Shop' in Norwich is one such super shop owner and he is an absolute pleasure to work with.

17" Hugo

For this order, I opted to take traditional design through to modern classic, for my group of shop exclusive bear buddies.

17" Natty

As you can see, Hugo is a notably traditional fellow and his pals Natty and Buddy, although still undeniably classic bears, have a slightly more contemporary edge with their fuller figures and expressive hand painted glass eyes.

19" Buddy

Hopefully these three bears will offer 'The Bear Shop' in Norwich something to meet all customer tastes!


  1. Just adorable bears.You always seem to get such a warm expression on their faces.

  2. All three are gorgeous - I think Hugo is to die for! I'm in love.

  3. Dear Paula,

    all three sooo cute :)
    I like them all !!!
    very kind regards from a big fan and a little bear artist from germany :)


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