Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Blogging for the Guild!

I have my 'Guild Admin' hat on today (although still haven't managed to write this week's or last week's newsletters ..where does the time go?!) but on a more productive note, have at last managed to create a Guild Blog!  

This idea was suggested to me by a clever member via the Guild's 'Suggestion Box' some months ago and at the time I thought it was a great idea but wasn't entirely sure how best to make it work, so put it on the back burner thinking that if the concept was a good one, it would nudge me again when the time was right and today I am delighted to tell you, is that very day!

I hope our shiny new Guild blog will be of benefit to Guild members and also to anyone with an interest in the wonderful world of teddy bear artistry.  I plan to share members' creations on the new blog and introduce readers to our very talented teddy bear artist members ... and of course, chat about some of the projects we are involved with and any other Guild news that might be relevant.

With a little luck and your kind support, I think our new Guild blog should evolve into an interesting, fun and informative look at the fabulous international teddy bear creativity currently on offer.

If you could take a moment to visit the Guild Blog 

... and follow its progress, I would be delighted, thank you so much!


Thank you for visiting my Bearing All blog.


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