Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A job's a job?

Whenever I'm asked about my job, I always say I'm a bearmaker and have been for almost twenty years, which of course is true, but that's not my most important job ...

First and foremost I am proud to say I'm a mum and have been for thirty years.

My two playing together, just over twenty years ago.

Sharing their passion for music at a gig in 2010.

Being a mum continues to make my world turn even now my kids are adults and in control of turning their own worlds.  So thanks kids, for showing me on Mothering Sunday who I am to you ... the cards, gifts and flowers were a lovely treat, but the most precious gift of all for me, is you two, just being you.

Me 'n my kids

They'll groan and tell me off if I get too cheesy, so suffice it to say, I have two great kids and am one incredibly proud mum!


  1. Love your post Paula, it is the best job and I now have the cutest little Granddaughter from my eldest and to hear her say Grandma on Sunday was wonderful, better than anything else in the world.
    Beary hugs Lynne

  2. Love your post Paula, It is the best job and I now have the most adorable little Granddaughter from my eldest Son, to hear her say Grandma over the weekend was truly wonderful, indeed the best job in the world.
    Beary hugs Lynne x

  3. Thanks Lynne, and congratulations ... 'Grandma'!!!!!! :) xxx

  4. What a great post Paula, family is the best thing in life for me. Friends come a very close second.


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