Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Thank heavens!

We're counting the final days until our wedding and have suddenly become weather prediction obsessed ... after all, a successful garden reception requires a certain sunny glow and most definitely no rainclouds.

So after months of planning and heaps of fun in the making, we're finally ready to tie the knot and according to current weather predictions, set for a clear, sunny day, thank heavens!

And speaking of heavens, a quiet word just to say,
Dad, I'm so glad you gave us your blessing before you left and I know you'll be there to share our special day.


  1. Dear Paula,
    I do hope the day will be full of sunshine and love. It will still be a very special day for you even if it is not sunny.
    My very best wishes to you and Stuart.

  2. Very, very best wishes for your special day!


  3. Have a wonderful day, all the best.

  4. May your wedding day be filled with the warmth of your love for each other and of your family and friends as you share this special time together - whatever the weather!

  5. Lovely mentioning your Dad being there, I share that belief entirely.
    May your day be filled with cherished happy memories, love, joy, fun and of course that much wished for ingredient to complete the recipe . . . sunshine! :0)

  6. ooh, Congratulations I hope you had a wonderful day, I was just checking on FB to see if there where any photos yet, I'm impatient as ever but very excited for you x x x


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