Monday, 23 January 2012

Wormshill Wanderings

Stuart and I were invited to stretch our legs in Wormshill with Fiona, her Simon and Bugsy yesterday.  I heard the words 'Ringlestone Arms' in the invite and thought a gentle stroll to the pub would be a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon ... silly me!

Striding out, with me bringing up the rear ... as you might expect!

With Simon at the helm, I should have guessed it was never going to be a girly totter!  By the time the pub came into sight, those muddy Wormshill hills had taken their toll and I was gasping ... I really should get out walking more often!

My little point 'n shoot camera gave me a handy excuse to stop and take a breather every so often - it's a beautiful rural farming area, as you can see.

Bugsy, Simon, Fo and Stuart

When we eventually arrived back, Simon had cake and coffee (beer for the boys!) on hand to revive us and Bugsy promptly fell asleep in front of their roaring log fire. We'd had loads of fun chatting and laughing out in the fresh air and after all the exercise, I slept like an absolute log last night ... Stuart however, didn't wait that long, he conked out on the couch not long after we arrived home!

Thanks heaps you two, we loved our Pink Welly Sunday in Wormshill ... (and I'm grateful I lived to tell the tale!) xxx


  1. Hi Paula

    I haven't been to the Ringlestone Arms for a while, but have very fond memories of some beautiful pies...and memories of very narrow lanes to get there!

    I'm not communicating much at the moment...I lost my Dad on Saturday, so having a quiet, reflective time. I'm expecting a sister and brother from Canada and another brother from Australia to arrive later this week.



  2. What incredible beauty. I love seeing all the soft rolling hills and green.

  3. Sue, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your Dad. As you know, I was in a similar situation situation not so long ago and know just how tough it is, so I'm sending you my warmest hugs and strength too. Take care and please give yourself plenty of time to heal xxx

  4. Sounds like a perfect way to spend a Sunday :o)


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