Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Tune out time

Despite a festive whirl of visits, parties and preparations, I was able to make time for quiet snuggling in an armchair with my trusty knitting needles, during the tinsel and sparkle season. I'm happy to say, my Kim Hargreaves scarf project provided much needed 'Paula time' during the Christmas madness ... clacking and counting makes it pretty easy to tune the rest of the world out!

My finished scarf

This week I started work on my first bear of 2012, a lovely new alpaca bear who will be ready to share with you shortly; but in the meantime, I must just tell you the sad tale of two naughty little kittens who thought the gorgeous Frank Webster bear below would be fun to play with - now poor ted needs new felt paws, hence the temporary plastic bag bandage on his foot.  He is waiting patiently on my comfy chair until I can find time to repair him.  This teddy bear is a very special patient, because he belongs to my grown up son.

'Anthony' created by Frank Webster

Those cute little kitties were in the doghouse after their antics, I can tell you!  Poor ol' bear ... (he looks so cute modelling my scarf!)

Books: 'Knitted lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush and 'Rowan Lace'

I recently bought a couple of lovely books about knitting lace, so I think my next knitting project will be a fine lace something or other ... but given the skinny yarn and needles required, it will probably be quite a while until I have anything of substance to show you!


  1. Shame about your bear, naughty kittens! I love your knitting Paula, I agree with you that knitting is like a form of meditation. I just finished a scarf I kntted for a neighbour in what I am sure is the same colour yarn. I used Rowan Calmer to knit her scarf with. Stupidly I didn't tkae a photo. Beverley

  2. I have to say that bear does look awfully good modelling that scarf, it is gorgeous.
    I had no idea cats would do such a thing. I have a puppy who is a chewing nightmare, but cats, I thought not.

  3. Oh dear, poor Anthony looks rather pained, I do hope the operation isn't too arduous!

  4. Talk about pesky little kittens, they are toooo, naughty.
    I must say your darling bear makes a very good picture. He is waiting patiently to be fixed.

  5. Just wanted to wish you a wonderful New Year, Paula! Your scarf looks beautiful.
    Warmest wishes,
    Monica x


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