Thursday, 12 January 2012

Showing Off ...

To show, or not to show, that is the question ...

20" Benedict

'The Winter Bearfest' in London is only a matter of weeks away and it's always so hard to know what to do for the best ... I mean, should I hide my new bears away and only reveal them on the big day, or should I just have fun making as many bears as I can until the big day, sharing them as and when they come to life?  I love to show off my bears and always struggle to keep them under wraps, so this time, I've decided to take option two, make the bears, enjoy making the bears, show the bears and ... worry about how many will be available for sale at the show, nearer to show time!

So, introducing 'Benedict', my very first clown bear of 2012!  He's a brand new design from top to toe. I wanted to create a very traditional clown bear with a slightly longer snout than my usual bears and I'm really pleased with him.  If he doesn't find a new home sooner, I'll be happy to introduce you to him in person at the Hugglets' show!

13th January update:
I am delighted to say Benedict has been adopted and will soon be living in Singapore!


  1. Miss Paula, that is one stunning bear! I do hope he finds a new home quickly or I might be tempted to give him a home at Hugglets ;0)

  2. He is a stunner. I love the colouring and luxurious mohair.

  3. He is magnificent Paula, I'm sure he will find a home very quickly.

  4. классный мишутка!!!!!!!

  5. Wow Paula, her turned out wonderful ♥ I wish you the best of luck creating bears for Hugglets. Despite the fact that time flies and the deadline I'm sure you'll manage. Crossing my fingers for ya...Happy Bearmaking, Thea xoxo

  6. Oh, Paula!! He is simply STUNNING!! Well done!


  7. aww, he's fab! Love the new face style too


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