Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Back in the saddle!

There are only five days until the prestigious Teddies 2011 show in London and I must admit, with all the distractions I've had of late and the sad year overall, I was starting to worry I may not live up to my show commitment this time and might fall horribly short of bears.  It's an odd fact, but I'm sure most bear artists will agree that when you take a knock or two, it can be hard to settle back into the creative saddle. 

But on a positive note, I seem to be doing okay with the show bears after all and think I will have my usual nine or so to take along ... thank goodness! 

The bear in the photograph above helped reinstate my confidence this week.  I found a rare piece of gorgeous English mohair on a well-known auction site a while ago and finally set to work on it yesterday. It was lovely to work with and made a really beautiful head for this Autumn clown bear.

If I knuckle down this afternoon, I should have another bear finished by tea-time and maybe tomorrow, the pink bear currently in pieces on my sewing table might stand half a chance of coming to life ...

Yep, with a little more grit and determination, I think I will safely be able to say that despite everything, I am almost ready!


  1. Yay, congrats for pulling it off, he's fab! I think I've lost my saddle right now, but I did have a spark of inspiration last weekend, just need time to get to it before it fizzles out again

  2. Good for you, Paula!! I'm so happy that you've been able to put the "knocks" aside and get to your creative work. And, yes, I think most bear makers have trouble getting those creative juices flowing when they are emotionally drained. I'm very happy for you!!


  3. He is beautiful Paula.
    I do so miss the Norton Mill, it has always been my favorite mohair.

  4. That's the spirit! Have a great day at Teddies 2011 :0)

  5. Crikey Paula you are doing well AND that bear in the photo is just fab!

    I think I will need to draw eyes on my closed eyelids Sunday and let my other half do the talking behind our table!

    Hugs, Sarah x

  6. The bears on your blog are lovely!

    Greetings, Beertje Zonn

  7. That little face of the clown is amazing. I love his.

  8. I love this teddy. he's amazing! Great blog.


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