Monday, 19 September 2011

Four Seasons

My sister Fiona and I had planned to visit a special event at Chatham Historic Dockyard yesterday to celebrate our Dad's life in lively 1940's style, but unfortunately I hurt my leg whilst jogging on the treadmill in my slippers a few days ago (!) which scuppered our 'first anniversary' plans.  So instead, Stuart and I rustled up a roast beef dinner Dad himself would have thoroughly enjoyed, put the 'Glen Miller Orchestra' on the stereo and invited Fo, Simon, my niece Lauren and my daughter Fay to eat with us and raise a glass of Chapel Down Vineyard's finest, in Dad's memory.

Stuart, Fay, Fo, Simon and Lauren

After a leisurely lunch, the six of us took a slow stroll (more of a hobble in my case!) through local woodland and across the pear orchards in glorious autumnal sunshine.

My sister Fiona

I think Fiona would agree with me when I say even now, after the passing of four full seasons, our sense of loss hasn't lessened, but the shock of losing Dad so unexpectedly a year ago, has almost imperceptibly eased into a quiet acceptance ... and for that, one year on, we are grateful.


  1. Sounds a lovely thing to do, being with family really helps. I'm lucky to have both my parents but you really never know what the future brings. Take care.

  2. That was a lovely thing to do Paula. I fully understand the quiet acceptance of your loss.
    I'd have shed a tear if I was there too, my step father who I thought the world of was a huge Glen Miller fan. Every time I hear that music I'm whisked back to vivid memories of him. It makes me smile inside and well up at the same time.

  3. What a lovely way to remember Dad, with food, family, good wine and music. I'm sure he would be very proud of you all.

  4. Thanks for sharing your photos Paula.
    In my case, I know I'll get that bitter-sweet feeling around the time of February's Hugglets. I too am glad of the time passing - each day helps to take you another step away from some kind of big black pit emotionally.I really believe that such strong family ties, as we are both lucky to have, are curative for all.

    Gentle Bear Hugs,

    Ruth xx

  5. Thank you all for sharing your comments with me, it's lovely to hear from you.

    Ruth, I'm sure just like me and my sisters, you'll be finding some days easier than others and with the approach of that first anniversary there will be many mixed emotions ... but aside from such sad loss, the passing of a year marks how far we've travelled with those we love and who love us, so I have discovered it is a time for remembering, but also a time for celebration.

    Warmest hugs to you all xx


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