Monday, 12 September 2011

The day after the show before ...

Yesterday's show in London passed in a giddy whirl of chat! I met bear artists and collectors from four corners of the globe and our passion for teddy bears overcame any language barriers.  Needless to say, as is my custom, I arrived slightly later than was probably good for me, so set up my stand in a fluster, with only seconds to spare before the doors opened and collectors streamed in.

20" 'Chestnut' is currently available for adoption

The highlight of my day was meeting so many 'Guild of Master Bearcrafters' members from overseas for the first time.  We were all very excited to say a personal hello, complete with friendly hug, for the very first time!  I am in awe of these brave ladies who travelled as far afield as Russia, Australia, Austria, Germany, Lithuania and Hong Kong ... particularly those who were a little shy speaking English - I doubt I could ever be so brave in a foreign country!

17" 'Hickory' has been adopted!

As far as the business of the day went, I'd say the day was pretty busy in the main, with only the occasional lull.  As always, Glen and Irene did a sterling job with the organisation and the show ran like clockwork.  I didn't have the opportunity to look around at other stands unfortunately, in fact I managed only two loo breaks (!) and other than that, was glued to my stand all day.  One of these days I'd like to visit as a collector again, I miss looking around at everyone's work!

'Rosehip' has been adopted!

On the business front the day went okay, with some of my show bears finding new homes and some travelling home with me again - which given the current economic climate, was about what I expected.  On a very pleasing note, I met up with lovely Tracy Ward of 'One More Bear' and have agreed to create a few shop exclusives in time for her Christmas launch.

'Hawthorn' has been reserved
With bears still hoping for adoption, I have been busy updating my website this morning and am delighted to report, interest is brisk!  So, on that positive note, I ought to sign off now and finalise some adoptions ... not to mention grab a sandwich, I'm starving!

UPDATE: 13/09/11 ... I'm delighted to say the only bear now remaining from my 'Golden Season' collection is 'Chestnut', the biggest bear!  He's a lovely bear so hopefully he will soon find someone very special to take care of him.


  1. Always glad to hear the show reports, thanks Paula.

  2. Glad it was a good day, and that even if some came home, you have another outlet coming up for others :o)

  3. Good luck and good mood! Your bears are great!

  4. It is lovely to hear the news from Hugglets. I know a few Australian girls went over. Thanks for your report.


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