Wednesday, 14 September 2011


As I mentioned yesterday, Friday is the final submission deadline for our Guild of Master Bearcrafters' 'A Teddy Bear World' challenge, so I need to start my project quicksmart!

Union Jack flag

Typically, my first hiccup was being unprepared.  I had no white vinegar to set the dye, so after a quick dash to the supermarket to buy some straight after lunch today, I donned a large craft apron and some rubber gloves before mixing the dye for my challenge bear.

I gathered together my research notes, white mohair and dye ingredients ...

And began by washing my white mohair so it would accept the dye readily.

The came the fun part!  The Jacquard Acid Dyes only require a small amount of powder to be mixed with water to achieve vibrant colour.

It's very easy to use these dyes.  I kept my fingers crossed that the dye wouldn't ruin my favourite stockpots, threw caution to the wind and dropped my lovely white mohair straight into the red and blue pots ... there was no time for shilly-shallying around with sample pieces first, my schedule was too tight!

Half an hour of hubble bubble later, my mohair pieces were ready for washing.  I don't think the blue is quite as dark as it should be (I bought 'brilliant blue' rather than 'navy' dye) but hey ho, it is a very nice blue and surely a bearmaker can be allowed a little artistic interpretation?!

Time to start work on my bear's white bits now ... I'll take pics as I work and share them with you when he's ready for submission.  Wish me luck with the deadline - I'm going to need it!

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  1. I think the Saltire's more the colour you have than a deep navy, you'll be fine :o)


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