Thursday, 30 June 2011

A little Curio.

Like most bear makers, I relish an occasional challenge and making a small bear is certainly one of those!  You may remember my first attempt at a truly titchy ted a few months ago ...

My first truly titchy ted head

8" Artan (in progress)

As you may recall, little 'Artan' really was little by my standards - a proper teeny tiddler at just eight inches tall.  After I'd completed him, I promised myself I would create another wee bear, but this time would tweak my pattern to alter the shape of his head and adjust the length of his limbs.

8" Curio

At last I think I am beginning to find my way with these tiddlers!  My second 8" bear 'Curio'  can sit comfortably in the palm of a hand.  I guess you could say such tiddly teds really are a curiosity, emerging from the workroom of this maker of big 'uns!

Curio is now available for adoption from my website:


  1. You can see your style comming out. He is wonderful.

  2. Well done Paula!!! He definitely looks like an "All Bear" bear! He's wonderful!


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