Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Catching sunbeams ...

When I heard I'd won a TOBY Industry's Choice Award back in January of this year, I was absolutely delighted, particularly because it proved to me that my 2008 TOBY win wasn't a one-hit-wonder.  I knew it would take a while for the coveted crystal award to travel all the way from America and by mid March, was eagerly waiting for postie to knock on my door. 

But when it still hadn't arrived by mid April, I became concerned and emailed the organiser of the TOBY Awards.  Fortunately my precious shipment had been sent tracked and on checking, it transpired had been sat at the delivery depot here in the UK since early March, but the courier company had carelessly failed to let me know!  Not only had they attempted delivery and not bothered to leave a 'you were out when we called' card, but they also completely failed to notify me of a customs duty charge which apparently needed paying.

Needless to say, I was pretty grumpy about having to pay customs £22.61 for the pleasure of receiving my award (!) but not half as grumpy as I am about the inadequacy of Parcelforce's administrative system - presumably if I hadn't been able to hunt my parcel down, it would have soon been returned to sender, and sent back all the way across the Atlantic!

After gritting my teeth whilst parting with my credit card details, I waited a further 48 hours until finally my 2011 TOBY Industry's Choice Award was delivered to me ... 

TOBY Industry's Choice Awards 2008 & 2011

And at long last it is now sat safely with my 2008 Award, catching sunbeams through my workroom window.  I think you'll agree, despite all the palaver, it was well worth the wait!


  1. Even with the cost - its a nice thing to "collect" well done - All your bears should have one!

  2. Very pretty, even if it was a rather expensive, and stressful, suncatcher!


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