Tuesday, 3 May 2011

An almost tragedy.

Herein lies the almost tragic story, of one greyhound, his owner and a handy big sister bearmaker.  Teddy bear devotees please be warned, this story contains graphic imagery!

This poor little artist bear almost met the most dastardly of endings, when one of my sister's foster greyhounds mistook him for a rabbit ... 

He was quickly dispatched to my workroom for urgent surgery ...

Bear created by German artist Doris Minuth

And I am happy to report, this lucky little fellow made a successful recovery and will soon be safely back home where he belongs ... 

... well out of reach of any marauding greyhounds!


  1. I felt so sorry for that lovely bear. I'm glad you were on hand to operate.
    Did he have to go to recovery???

  2. Paula and her trusty needle and thread to the rescue! Disaster averted! :o) (Love Doris's bears.)

  3. Oooh, a whole hug of bears put their paws over their eyes there! But they're very glad he made it through his traumatic ordeal and subsequent operation


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