Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Somewhere special, just for me!

As I can't show you any new bears yet, I thought you might like to see how my new workroom is progressing instead.  Stuart has been tucked away in there for days, painting and papering like a good 'un! We're almost ready to order the new carpet and after feeling down in the dumps at the start of the year when my son left home and vacated this room, I'm now very excited about my new creative space!

Stuart wallpapers my new workroom

The room is such a bright, sunny room and with Spring just around the corner, I've chosen a pretty pale green wallpaper with a white chrysanthemum flower print ... it's really fresh and feminine and I love it!

I am really looking forward to filling up that big cupboard with my craft materials!

As this room is bigger than my current workroom, I have decided to put an armchair in the corner.  Stuart isn't convinced I'll get much in the way of work done with a comfy chair to sit in, but I think it will be perfect for hand sewing. 

When I was a little girl, my Gran had an old fashioned wing chair in her dining room and I always loved to sit in it, so I've chosen just such a chair and found a dainty hand quilted cushion to match my room colours. When my room is finally ready for me to move in, I'm sure you'll find me happily whiling away many an hour sat in my lovely new chair!

My comfy new wing chair

It's important to me to have photos of my special people around me while I work, so I've also been choosing special memories to make me smile, for a family photo wall ...

A few special photos ...

And of course, being a forgetful ol' lady, I will need a memo board for all my 'must remember' bits 'n bobs.  I chose this one by 'Gisela Graham' and gave it a little Paula makeover with new fabric for the pin board, a photo I took of the camelia Dad gave me for my birthday many years ago (it's still growing well in our garden!) a favourite pic of me with my kids visiting Brighton Pier when they were youngsters and one of my lovely pale pink roses ...

My memo board ..

Naturally when you work from home as I do, it's important to have a clock to tell you when to break for coffee and cake and when to down tools each evening.  This is the one I have chosen for my workroom wall ...

'Home is where your story begins ...'

As you can see, I've had a lovely time choosing my special things and Stuart has worked hard to decorate and make the room pleasant for me to work in. Our next task is to find a suitable carpet and then to shop for shelves and maybe a new work table ... 

I'll let you know when we're ready for me to move in and actually start work on some bears; it won't be long!


  1. Beautiful Paula. That window is wonderful. To have all that natural light will be a dream to work with. I love all the feminine touches. Can't wait to see it finished.

  2. Oh, it's looking fabulous! What a dreamy room to work in!!

  3. Looking good Paula - love the wallpaper. Looks as though you'll have lots of natural light. The chair definitely needs a bear to keep it warm! Can't wait to see it all finished. xx

    P.S Well done Stuart!

  4. Its going to be a beautiful room. The clock looks gorgeous and that chair looks so comfortable. I'm sure you're going to spend hours in it. Hugs, Coraleen

  5. I love being invited into other people's work spaces. It's as exciting for me as it is for you. I can just imagine the creative hours and joy you will have in your new space. Remember to keep us updated. Hugs, Vicki


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