Thursday, 9 September 2010

Teddies Worldwide Holiday Show!

How exciting, a new online show in time for Christmas!
Daphne Blau of
'Backroad Bears' is well known for creating lovely bears, ellies and dolls (and occasionally the odd lion too!) but she is not only a teddy bear artist, oh no!  In her 'spare' (ha!) time Daphne also organises two super US teddy bear shows.  How she finds the time for all these commitments I will never know, but I am delighted to announce multi-talented Daphne has now added 'international webshow' to her list of promotions and as I never could resist a good idea, I've signed up to exhibit!

This show looks like being a whole lot of fun with bear artists from all around the world creating special bears and gifts especially for the event, so please reserve the weekend of 20th & 21st November to join us!

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