Monday, 19 April 2010

A warm welcome in Wormshill

Many of you may remember my sister Fiona ... (a few years ago she made beautiful bears under the 'Absolutely Bears' label and prior to that we worked together as 'Auntie Bears') ... anyway, as I was about to say, after many years living in the hustle and bustle of town, Fiona and her other half Simon recently moved out to the Kentish countryide to start afresh.  It's a little further to visit, but still easily 'do-able' and such a lovely drive; a quick whizz along the M20 takes us to the ancient village of Hollingbourne lined with quaint cottages and the magnificent Hollingbourne Manor House, then we're out into woodland and through to hedgerows and fields.  

Coffee in the conservatory

Saturday afternoon was glorious, so my daughter Fay and I let Fo know to put the kettle on, revved up my little Saxo and went for a spin in the April sunshine to the village of Wormshill, where she now lives.  Wormshill is a tiny Parish which lies on an exposed high point of the North Downs, within the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

For anyone (like me!) with an interest in such things, Wikipedia says:

"Archaeological and toponymic evidence of Wormshill's existence predates its appearance in the Domesday survey of 1086. The village contains a number of heritage-listed buildings, which include a Norman church, a public house and one of the oldest surviving post office buildings in the United Kingdom. The fields and woodland surrounding Wormshill have changed little in the past 500 years, and the village itself remains rural with a low population density compared to the national average. The population of 200 is a mixture of agricultural workers employed by local farms and professional residents who commute to nearby towns."

So as you can imagine, Wormshill really is a tiny slice of picturesque English countryside!


As usual, we received a very warm welcome from Bugsy, Fiona's bouncy German Shepherd (who I think has a crush on my daughter) before settling in the conservatory for a girly catch up over coffee and gooey lemon muffins, which I must tell you, were yummy!  After a while, Bugsy looked a bit bored with the girly chit-chat and as we were stuffed full of cake, we decided to take him for a walk around the fields which surround Fo's house, or perhaps I should say he took us for a walk around the fields which surround Fo's house!

Bugs drags Fo back down the hill ...

"Look Mum, cows!"

We walked up hill and down dale, keeping Bugs on a very tight lead because dotted around the farmer's fields were ewes with the cutest little lambs and doe-eyed, curious cows ...

Fo, a country girl at heart.  Who'd ever have thought it?!

Fay takes in the view

Auntie Fo, Fay and Bugsy

For some reason best known to himself, on the return walk Bugsy decided he no longer wanted to jump stiles and no amount of coaxing would convince him ... there was nothing for it but for Fiona and I to heave him over in a rather undignified fashion!

"Good dog, jump over the stile Bugs ..."

"Nope. Don't want to!"

Thanks Fo (and you too Bugsy!) we had a lovely Saturday afternoon and will be back soon, complete with wellies, for a walk on the wild side in Wormshill Woods!

06/07/10 Update: Thank you Richard for your message today!  How lovely to hear from the gentleman who wrote the Wikipedia reference for Wormshill!


  1. Her new house's view is lovely!! And Bugsy is too cute :)

  2. Wormshill looks like a lovely place to visit Paula.
    Naughty Bugsy lol!
    Lucky it was a nice dry day other wise it wouldn't have been fun lifting him over those styles lol!

  3. Heh, looks like lots of fun except the stile refusal! I once horrified my granny by lifting her yorkie over a stile by lifting him by his lead, and hoiking him over dangling from the end. Mind you I was only 6 at the time, and he seemed to come out of it unscathed!

  4. That looks so nice, I especially like the warm fuzzy socks worn in the conservatory while drinking hot coffee!

  5. Thanks for stopping by to catch up! It's lovely to hear from you all x

  6. Grew up in Wormshill, spent about 20 odd years there and parents still live in village (oh, and I wrote the wikipedia page where you got the intro details from :) ). Hope you enjoyed your visit and that your family love living there as much as I did.

  7. Now there's a comment I didn't expect! How lovely to hear from you Richard ... thank you for popping in to let me know you are the author of the Wormshill Wikipedia references!

  8. Wow,thank you Paula for writing such a fantastic account of our little slice of paradise. Thank you Richard for writing the Wikipedia page, I read it when we first moved in! We love it here and plan to be here for a very long time xxx


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