Wednesday, 28 April 2010

A tale of seven cats ... and a new kitten!

I have always had a soft spot for cats.  There's something very knowing about a cat, they seem to have life sorted out and I like that about them - the odd thing is, I've never known two cats alike in all the years I've provided home and hearth for them, they are such individual characters!  My cats have never had much in the way of airs or graces, each of my moggies found his or her way to me the same way he or she came into this world ... by chance.

My first, a beautiful sassy tortoiseshell called Sally, was born in the piggery of a farm near my Dad's house.  She was a wee scrap of a thing, found floundering at only four weeks old after being abandoned by her mum.  Sally gave me many loyal years and was definitely head of the household, even dominating our poor old dog - she really was a bossy boots! 

A couple of years later I contacted the 'Cats Protection League' to ask if any cats needed adopting.  I was presented with 'Poppet', a skinny tabby stray, caught scrounging behind our local library.  I quickly changed her name to 'Poppy' (Poppet was a bit too gooey for my tastes!) and for the next sixteen years, she hissed and spat at everyone and everything.  We were never close, but we rubbed along okay and when she finally gave in to old age, I quite surprised myself by being so sad to lose her.

Several years ago, I received a call from one of my sisters to tell me a litter of feral kittens had moved into her garden shed and of course, I couldn't resist ... the two of us sat for hours in a corner of her garden, quietly luring the hungry kitties towards us with titbits.  Little Socks gave in first, she was such a pretty girl, smokey grey with white socks and the sweetest white face.  Socksie was soon coaxed from her wild ways and became the perfect lap cat, she was such a gentle soul and very special to me.  Sadly she developed a heart condition and a growth in her tummy, so slipped away just before Christmas Eve one year, but for the seven years she lived with us, she had a good life.  Her brother Leo also came to live with us, another gentle soul with a loud purr and great big feet.  Leo was easily tamed and in his later years, loved to spend the day in the garden, asleep on the patio table.  The worst part about sharing your life with pets is saying goodbye when their time comes and sadly Leo's time came a couple of weeks ago. 


Leo's pal Toffee was the runt of a litter, living on a local farm.  We had recently given a kitten from the same farm to my niece Leah, to console her after her cat Mischief disappeared.  Truffle was a pretty kitten and Leah was thrilled with her, but needless to say it wasn't long before Mischief wandered back home as if he'd never been away - that's cats for you eh?!  My daughter was determined we too should have another kitten, so we returned to the farm and brought Toffee home, a scrawny ginger tomcat.  With a little tender loving care, he soon became a robust cat, full of adoration for Fay.  That was fourteen years ago and he's still with us, preferring a quiet life these days, but still able to shin up a garden fence when the need arises!


If you read regularly, you will probably already know about my little black bundle of trouble.  Puddle was another of my daughter's 'oh please Mum, can we?' cats.  She needed a home three years ago, but was terribly ill a few days after arriving.  I nursed her through the night, feeding her liquids with a syringe - it was touch and go for a while, but by some miracle she pulled through and has since become a much loved, extremely cheeky and very lively member of our family!


So here I am, twenty three years after first adopting Sally from the pig farm, waiting excitedly for my next arrival!  Yes, Fay convinced me to find a young friend for Puddle and Stuart agreed, so on Monday we drove out visit the cutest litter of black and white kitties.  


I'm excited to tell you, little Daisy (I've called her that because the lawn is blooming with daisies at the moment) the boldest kitten in the litter, will be coming to live with us in a few weeks, just as soon as she's big enough to leave her mum!


Monday 20th February 2017

A Daisy in May

A sad weekend, saying goodbye to our fat little cat Daisy, a springtime kitten who sadly didn't quite make it to her seventh birthday.

Daisy was such a gentle, sweet tempered girl and she has left us far too soon. Sometimes that's just how it is with cats .. I have owned cats all my adult life and you never can tell how long they will stay. Saying goodbye always hurts, they are such unique characters and so much a part of our family. 


 May 2010 - February 2017

So my pretty, lazy girl, sleep tight in your garden, free from pain. I am so very sad you have left us.



  1. Paula, I'm so sorry to hear about Leo. Our pets really do become members of our family.

    Enjoy Daisy! It's sounds like she'll keep Puddle and Toffee on their toes.


  2. Oh Paula - how exciting! Can't wait to see pictures of Daisy when she arrives at her new home! x

  3. Lovely post, Paula. Your cats look so sweet. I love cats, too, but I have't had one in a few years. I know it's hard to lose them! So glad to hear you're bringing little Daisy home; she sounds so cute. If you visit my blog (below) and scroll down to the April 7th post, you'll see the cat we had a few years ago. He was quite the character and thought he was part dog!

    New Avenue Crew

  4. Congratulations on the new member of your household! Cats really are the most wonderful pets. Have you seen this video?

  5. A new kitten, how wonderful! Animals bring so much to our lives. I would be lost without mine.

  6. Fluffs loves your blog site. She is watching the cusor as it moves. x x x Old lady she might be. Alert....................always x x x x

  7. Awww, she's wonderful!

    We had seven cats, but only have the four now after losing three close together, two to old age and one to diabetes. It's so hard when they leave us.

    I just love her cute little pink nose and those tiny paws.

    Hugs, Sarah x

  8. How lovely to hear from you all - t seems there are plenty of cat lovers in the bear world! I am so excited about bringing little Daisy home ... not long to wait!


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