Friday, 2 April 2010

Daffodil delight!

On this Easter weekend, we have a beautiful burst of yellow daffodils carpeting much of England and it's impossible not to feel inspired by them! 

19" Daffy is available from

As my son will tell you, I absolutely love daffodils (he always buys them for me for Mother's Day!) so when I spotted this beautiful yellow/gold kid mohair in Australia, I threw caution to the wind, ignored the exchange rate and ordered it - I mean, who could resist?!  The pure silk, hand dyed ribbon in pale gold and orange has been in my stash for a while waiting for the perfect Springtime colourway and this is definitely it.

I hope you enjoy my Springtime 'Daffy' and I wish you all a very Happy Easter!


  1. Same here in the US. Whevever things are really beautiful outside my daughter and I always say "it's just like England", we are big fans!

  2. Восхитительно!!!! Просто оранжевое чудо!! Браво!!)))

  3. She is a real beauty, I'm not surprised you couldn't resist that mohair! Happy Easter x


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