Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Solomon to Singapore

In my haste to tell you about the Hugglets show at the end of February, I almost forgot to give my new bear 'Solomon' his moment of fame!  I created him last week as a special order for a collector in Singapore and he's flying there as we speak; I do hope he arrives soon!

20" Solomon is relocating to Singapore!

I have an order for a different collector to complete this week and coincidentally, that bear is destined for Singapore too - I wonder if he and Solomon will be neighbours?!


  1. Such a lovely big chap!

    I always have my heart in my mouth when my bears travel. I'm sure he'll be fine.

    Hugs, Sarah x

  2. Solomon is totally gorgeous! The collector is very lucky.

  3. Solomon is absolutely beautiful. I enjoyed visiting your blog and viewing all the pictures - what a masterpiece in itself - I don't want to leave! Have a great day -

  4. Hi Paula

    Just wanted to let you know that Solomon reached me safe and sound and he is even lovelier in person! He's my favourite from you. ^_^

  5. Lilian, I'm so glad to hear Solomon is now safely with you in Singapore! Thank you for popping in to let me know and thank you everyone for your kind comments!


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