Wednesday, 28 October 2009

UK Teddy Bear Guide 2010 Available Now!

The UK Teddy Bear Guide published by Hugglets

This is the 23rd year of publication by the Hugglets team and it's a terrific resource for anyone who loves bears both in the UK and overseas.  The cover price is a mere £5.95 plus postage ... so go on, why not treat yourselves! 

Click here to visit the Hugglets website:

Oh and just in case you are wondering, the beautiful bear in the picture holding the Guide is my lovely 'Dudley', a wonderful 25" bear created by Frank Webster of Charnwood Bears.  Sadly I haven't seen Frank in a while and can't find his work online; unfortunately he isn't advertised in the new Guide, so I can only assume he is no longer creating his wonderful bears ... please let me know if I'm wrong, I'd love to see Frank's bears again!


  1. Yes i think i might have to treat myself to a copy of that,needs must!!
    i will keep an eye out for frank webster on my travels.

  2. Hi, thought I saw new bears made by Frank Webster of Charnwood Bears at


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